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Should I learn Mobile App Development OR Web Development in 2019

Mobile App Development Vs. Web Development


If you are confused between whether to pick between Mobile App Development or Web Development, let us tell you that the answer to your query is short and simple and it is “Mobile App Development”, the reason being, if you learn Hybrid Mobile App Development you will first learn technologies that are used in Web Development. In this era of bargaining, we always thrive for more and why learn just web development when you can also learn Mobile App Development by making use of the same technologies.

The tools and technologies used for Mobile App Development have evolved and now it is much easier and quicker to develop mobile apps compared to what it was couple of years ago. If you are wondering how to go about it, we are here to explain to you all about Mobile App Development:

There are two ways to develop a mobile application:

  1. Hybrid Mobile App Development
  2. Native Mobile App Development

What is Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Mobile Apps developed using the Web Technologies is called Hybrid Mobile Applications. At its core it uses languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are efficient and powerful JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React Native that helps to build applications efficiently. It is quite easy to learn Web Technologies and do Web Development. However, once you have a fair understanding of Web Technologies you can almost magically transform your Web Application into a Mobile Application. There are tools that do the entire job behind the scenes to make it look magically attractive. Once this is done your app can be submitted to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store – isn’t that fantastic?

What is Native App and how is it different from Hybrid?

Native apps need to be built separately for each platform i.e. Android and Apple. You can use languages like Java for Android and Objective C for Apple. In short, it would take more time and effort to develop Native Apps. However, it has its own advantages like better User Interface and performance.

In the Mobile Development market it would be an advantage to build an app quickly at a lower cost using the Hybrid way. On the other hand Native apps have the potential to impress users with its smarter appearance and performance, but it has a higher learning curve, takes more time and you have built it on two platforms separately.

Conclusion: If you are considering Mobile App Development you are learning a better skill and doing a superior course than web development!

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    1. Hi Ranjith,
      The course duration for Mobile app Development is 45 days and since the web development involves all the technologies that are learnt while learning mobile app development it takes around the same time to learn web development too.

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